Tolerates  Poor Soils

    Suitable for  Home Lawns, Golf Greens, Fairways and Landscape Mixes

    Can be mown low and prefers to grow on sandy soils of low fertility and high acidity

    Named after the New Zealand farmer George Chewings this Fescue grass is a member of the Red Fescue family but more tufted than creeping growth with the finest leaves of the fescues. Chewings is not quite as wear tolerant as other fescues but can be mown lower and prefers to grow on sandy soils of low fertility and high acidity. The predominant use of Chewings fescue grass seed is as an addition to other grass seed mixtures for better diversity.

    Use: Home Lawns, Golf Greens, Fairways and Landscape Mixes

    Sow Rate: 25-35 grams per square metre

    Timing: Spring and autumn when soil temperatures are 15ºC and climbing

    Depth: Mix into the top 6-10mm of soil

    Mowing Height: 25-50mm (1-2 inches) or 75-100mm (3-4 inches) in the shade

    Guide: Playing area of a tennis court is 260 m2

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    Recommended Variety
    • Improved disease resistance; requires less pesticide use.
    • Improved seedling vigour for faster establishment and over seeding.
    • Slower and lower growing for reduced mowing.
    • Handles fairway close mowing and traffic with ease.
    • Endophyte-enhanced for improved insect resistance.
    • Ideal for use on home lawns, shady sites, golf course roughs and fairways, and combined with ryegrass for over seeding.
    • Dense, fine and attractive turf.
    • Vibrant dark green colour.
    • Improved shade tolerance.
    • Excellent for both high and low maintenance.
    • Improved summer performance.
    In turf trials conducted at major universities across the nation, SR 5130 (experimental designation SRX 51G) has proven itself a winner. SR 5130 has exhibited adaptability to a variety of turf situations, from Northern climates south through the Transition zones, from the home lawn to the golf course fairway, and from sun to shade. SR 5130 is an excellent component for many turfgrass mixtures with perennial ryegrass, other fine fescues, browntop and bent grasses. Under medium and high maintenance conditions SR 5130 forms a fine, dense, low-growing turf that tolerates close mowing. Its lower growth form and stress tolerance makes it an appropriate low maintenance choice. SR 5130 shows a marked improvement in resistance to diseases like Dollar Spot and Leaf Spot. It contains high levels of viable endophyte which provides natural insect resistance and improved stress tolerance in adverse environmental conditions. SR 5130 is an ideal choice for environmentally-sensitive sites.
    Establishment: (under ideal conditions)
    Germination : 4 to 8 days
    First Mowing : 2-3 weeks after emergence
    First Limited use: 3 weeks
    Golf Greens and Fairways mixes. Lawns and Landscaping.
    Seeding Rates:
    25 – 35gm Per square metre.
    250 – 350kg Per Hectare



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