Most Drought Resistant Fescue

    Suitable for home lawns, play grounds, roadsides, parks, and sports field mixes

    Tall Fescue has a broad dark green leaf and deep roots that develops a good drought and wear and tear tolerance.

    The name tall fescue is misleading in that the modern tall fescue varieties are not tall but more dwarf-like in size. They are a cool season tufted grass with a very dark green narrow upright leaves that are a little more coarse than fine fescue but greener. Of all the fescues they have the deepest rooting system making it a little more drought tolerant, harder wearing and adaptive to a wide range of differing soil types. Tall Fescue is a little less tolerant of cold and shade than fine fescue varieties.

    Use: Home lawns, play grounds, roadsides, parks, and sports field mixes

    Sow Rate: 35-45 grams per square metre

    Timing: Spring and autumn when soil temperatures are 15ºC and climbing

    Depth: Mix into the top 6-10mm of soil

    Mowing Height: 50-75mm (2-3 inches)

    Guide: Playing area of a tennis court is 260 m2


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    Recommended Variety
    • Developed for high rhizome expression under turf conditions
    • Fine leaf texture
    • Excellent Brown Patch resistance and rapid repair
    • Dense turf, high tillering
    • High Leaf Spot resistance
    • Uses: Ideal for golf course roughs, commercial turf, parks, sports fields and home lawns
    • Reduced maintenance and inputs
    • Persistent turf
    • High wear tolerance
    • Stress tolerant
    • Good sod strength
    • Customer satisfaction
    SR 8650 turf-type tall fescue was developed for high turf quality with high levels of rhizome expression in dense turf situations. Then only plants expressing rhizome formation in turf plots were included in the final breeder block. The plants used in development were selected after high summer stress based on performance and appearance. SR 8650 is adapted to all areas where tall fescue is grown for turf. Rhizome expression in tall fescues can provide significant advantages in repair of damage from wear or disease. They must have the ability to establish quickly and persist under all maintenance regimes. SR 8650 also has high levels of viable endophytes to provide natural insect resistance and superior stress tolerance.
    Adaption and use:
    SR 8650 forms a very dark green, high quality turf with improved wear tolerance and rhizome formation. The moderately dwarf growth form combined with the ability to rapidly repair damage makes it ideal for all uses. Its high Brown Patch, Leaf Spot and Net Blotch resistance enable it to look good all year, and it recovers rapidly if damage does occur. With SR 8650 you can have a high quality turf with reduced inputs.
    Establishment: (under ideal conditions)
    Germination : 7 to 10 days
    First Mowing : 3-4 weeks after emergence
    First Limited use: 8-10 weeks
    Golf, fairways, surround’s and roughs, lawns and landscaping.
    Seeding Rates:
    35 – 45gm Per square metre.
    350 – 450kg Per Hectare



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