Essential boost for working dogs
Exceed is a multi-vitamin and mineral liquid supplement for working / racing dogs to improve work endurance & recovery, immunity, digestion, skin & coat and overall health.

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Product Overview
PalaMOUNTIONS Exceed – 200 Capsules
Is a multi-vitamin & mineral liquid supplement for working / racing dogs to improve work endurance & recovery, immunity, digestion, skin & coat and overall health.
Key Benefits:
  • Offers a unique blend of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids.
  • Provides the important water soluble vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, Biotin, Niacin, Calcium Panothenate, Folic Acid and fat (A, D, E) at 99.5% absorption rates with flavourings of meat, yeast and garlic for high palatability.
  • Improvements in health/vitality (improved immunity) for working and high performance dogs.
  • Skin coat condition.
  • Improved digestion of nutrients.
  • High palatability (garlic and meat flavours).
  • Contains human grade ingredients.
Made Specifically For: Overall health


Feed as per chart for 21 days as a boost especially during heavy work, then every second day as a maintenance feed.
Puppy 6wks – 6mths
10 mL
Lactating Bitches
20 mL
Medium Breed
10kg+ = 20 mL
Large Breed
20kg+ = 30 mL
· Shake well and pour onto any type of pet food.

· Apply appropriate amount per dog per day, see feeding guide.

· Keep food containers clean and have clean fresh water available.


Palamountains Exceed – Guaranteed Analysis per 100mls of oil
Crude Fat Min 93.41%
Selenium Min 0.37mg A trace mineral that plays an important role in the body as part of an antioxidant enzyme protecting the body from damage of free radicals.
Vitamin A Min 13,700 IU Helps aid in healthy skin and eyes.
Vitamin D Min 870 IU Helps aid in healthy bone and teeth.
Vitamin E Min 160mg Helps aid in protecting body tissue.
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Min 3.6mg B group Vitamins are involved in making red blood cells which carry oxygen through the body to help it work effectively.
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Min 4.4mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) Min 1.9mg
Vitamin B12 Min 44 ug
Biotin Min 93 ug
Niacin Min 19mg
Pantothenic Acid Min 21mg
Folic Acid Min 0.40mg
Other Ingredients: Polyunsaturated oil, moisture, emulsifier, meat hydrolysate, yeast hydrolysate, potassium sorbate, acid rectifier, creatine.
Importance of Feeding Fats to Dogs
Fats offer the ‘edge’ that every working dog owner is always looking for – extra stamina, endurance & drive.
Working dogs depend on fats for energy and life-sustaining nutrients. The more energy a dog expends, the more fat is required in their system. If these energy-feeding factors are not found in the system, the dog quickly loses the ability to sustain endurance & stamina.
Fats serve many functions. They supply energy (more than twice as much as proteins & carbohydrates), contribute to palatability, and carry fat soluble vitamins (A, D & E). The type and quantity of fats in the diet are extremely important since they can influence appetite and food intake, the ability to perform muscular work, hair/coat condition, and the type of fat deposited in the body. It is recommended that dogs be fed between 10 and 15% fat in their diet.
An essential fatty acid deficiency may result in impaired reproductive efficiency. In addition, a deficiency of essential fatty acids can impair wound healing, cause a dry dull coat and scaly skin and cause an increase in skin infections. Puppies that are not fed adequate amounts of fat can have developmental problems and growth deformities.
Carbohydrates are not energy producers for canines. Grains are used extensively in processed foods for bulk, cost and ease in preparation. Dogs require amino acids as the building blocks for increased energy and health. Amino acids are found in proteins, most importantly, animal proteins.
The cooking involved in the making of processed dog foods often destroys the amino acids, digestive enzymes, and most of the vitamins and minerals. Starchy and high fibre foods take longer to digest in the dog’s short and simple digestive tract, compared to the ease of digesting fresh foods (animal proteins and fats). Digestion takes up most of the energy in any living being, and the less time spent with digestion, the more their energy can be spent elsewhere. If food is digested quickly, a working dog will not have to carry a full belly of food on to the field, giving the dog the needed energy for working, and also lessening the chance of bloat or torsion.
palaMOUNTAINS – Exceed contains both fat & water soluble vitamins plus minerals suspended in an enriched Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acid base.
palaMOUNTAINS – Exceed was developed by scientists at Massey University, New Zealand and because of its unique formulation, offers a 99.5% absorption rate straight into the dog’s bloodstream. Results can be seen within days of feeding.


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