This top quality weed free pelletised sheep manure makes an ideal natural slow release plant food. It  improves the structure of heavy, light and sandy soils. It can act as a mulch to retain soil moisture, suppress weeds and its nutrient will encourage lots of healthy plant growth.

    Available in 12kg and 25kg bag.

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    Product Overview
    If you’ve ever put sheep manure on the garden from under the woolshed then you now what a fantastic plant food and soil conditioner it is, however you’ll also be aware it comes with a bunch of unwanted seed which can be a bit of a headache if you don’t like spending your weekends pulling weeds.
    Pelletised sheep manure is not from under the woolshed it comes from a dag processing plant then crushed, heated then squeezed into a pellet. It is equally as good as the stuff from under the woolshed except its far less messy and much easier to handle and its 100% weed free.
    If you haven’t used sheep manure in the garden at all then you don’t know what your missing. It can be added to the soil surface as a mulch or worked directly into the soil either way it will gradually breakdown helping to retain moisture during dry periods and release a rich load of nutrient into the soil profile.
    Pelletised sheep manure is soil friendly, it is unlikely to burn plant roots and will encourage billions of beneficial soil microbes that eventually combine the sheep manure with other soil nutrient to produce natural vitamins and enzymes that support excellent plant growth and disease resistance.
    Pelletised sheep manure can be used in most garden situations even around shallow rooted plants that are susceptible to fertiliser burn like citrus.
    Use Guide
    For flowers beds and vegetable garden
    Scatter approx 1kg per square metre and work into the top 200mm of soil.
    For planting trees and shrubs
    Add approx 1kg to each planting hole and mix thoroughly with the soil.
    As a side dressing/mulch around established trees and shrubs
    As a side dressing use approx 1kg per square metre around plant drip line and water well. As a mulch apply enough to form a layer about 3cm thick, avoid direct contact with the plant trunk.


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