(Phleum pratense L.)
A very palatable and healthy grass for stock

Timothy does well on heavy, wet, and peaty soils it has a shallow root system allowing great spring production it performs  poorly in the heat and drought over summer. however the small bulb at the base stores nutrients giving it some persistence through the drought and heat periods.  Timothy makes ideal hay due its low uptake of minerals such as potassium that can cause problems with animal health. Timothy works well in blends; it adds palatability, spring growth, animal health and winter-hardiness to the stand, it  starts growing early in the spring and offers good production in the autumn. . Early types are mainly for conservation with a high first cut whereas the later types have a prolonged growth over the summer and are well suited for grazing.

Suggested sow rate: 5-6 kg/ha alone 2-3 kg/ha in mixtures