Lusa Persian Clover



Lusa Persian clover is a self-regenerating annual Persian clover that is late maturing and highly productive into summer. It will tolerate heavy, water logged, mildly saline soils and dry-land situations. Lusa is useful for grazing, forage, permanent pasture, or annual forage. It has strong re-growth after cutting or grazing in late spring or early summer.

Sow alone: 5-10kg per hectare     Sow in a mix: 3-7kg per hectare


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Lusa Persian Clover

Trifolium resupinatum var.majus
Lusa Persian clover is a late maturing, highly productive Persian clover with a wide adaptation of use including grazing or forage production, permanent pastures or annual forage. It will  tolerate water logging and mild salinity.
Lusa has stronger re-growth than Balansa clover after cutting or grazing in late Spring or Early Summer. Recorded D.M. yields of 8.5T/ha – 17T/ha
  • Good winter activity
  • Tolerant of water logging
  • Very palatable and productive
  • Requires a good pH 6.0 – 9.0
  • Well suited to clay soils
Why use annual clovers in dry land pastures?
  • Annual clovers grow a lot of D.M. in a short space of time
  • Annual clovers fix high levels of N to the benefit of the whole pasture
  • Annual clovers have tap roots and forage for water in the sub soil
  • Annual clovers survive droughts and recover quicker than perennials
  • Annual clovers produce protein, protein produces muscle and milk
  • Muscle and milk produce profits
  • Legumes are the engine room in any farm pasture