Italian Ryegrass /Tall Fescue Cross
Excellent high forage with drought tolerant qualities

Perun is a late heading tetraploid Festulolium derived by combining 80% Italian Ryegrass with 20% Meadow Fescue. Perun offers the fast-starting high forage-qualities of Italian ryegrass and root depth of the Meadow Fescue for extended performance in summer heat and drought. It has high insect and drought tolerance with increased winter / spring growth for silage or pasture.

Nil Endophyte

Sow rate: 10-15 kg/ha in mixtures, 25-35kg/ha alone
Suggested sow rate: 10-15 kg/ha alone 25-35 kg/ha in mixtures


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Perun sets the standards when it comes to high yielding fast establishing festulolium.
Perun is a Tetraploid Festulolium derived from crosses between Italian ryegrass and Meadow fescue. From its ryegrass parent it gets fast establishment, forage quality and palatability. From its meadow fescue parent it gets a deeper root system and extended performance in summer heat and drought.
Forage Yield
In forage yield trials, Perun typically has the highest first year DM yield and then remains in the highest group in the following years. Perun will produce more forage than perennial ryegrass, while slightly lower in energy content. When looking at lbs of milk/acre, Perun is the winner.
Forage Quality
The palatability of Perun is high.
Perun has a leafy upright growth pattern, producing forage that is very palatable and digestible. Perun is an excellent replacement or compliment for ryegrass, and or meadow fescue. Consider Perun when you need a fast-starting high forage-quality grass for silage or pasture. It can be mixed with legumes or used as a pure stand. It can be used as a nurse crop when establishing alfalfa; or interseeded into weak winter damaged stands.
Festuloliums are best adapted to soils with high fertility and moisture. Perun is very responsive to nitrogen.
Growth Habit: Perennial Bunch
Establishment Rate: 7-10 days
Nitrogen Required:Very High >120 lbs/ac
pH Range: 5-8
Minimum Rainfall: L >30 inches
Dry Matter Yireld: 3-4 tons
Regrowth: Excellent
Primary Utilisation: Grazing & Silage
Veg Repro Til Rate: High
Endophyte: No