Prima Gland Clover



Prima gland clover is an early flowering regenerating annual clover. It is an ideal component in permanent pastures due to its early grazing and contribution to the soil nitrogen level. Prima is also useful as an annual legume ley in vineyards with its late winter biomass, nitrogen fixing,  and early insect attraction.

Sow alone: 5kg per hectare     Sow in a mix: 2kg per hectare


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Prima Gland Clover

Trifolium glanduliferum
Prima Gland Clover is an early flowering annual clover plant selected for development by the department of agriculture, W. Australia. The genetic material was collected from the Yehudiyya Forest, Golan, Israel. Now produced in NZ for Kiwi Seed by NZ growers.
Unlike most legumes Prima Gland Clover is mostly resistant to insect attack even at the seedling stage. Prima is suitable for sowing into permanent pastures where an early legume will be beneficial to milking ewes and early Nitrogen fixation.
FAR Hawke`s Bay have trials underway to determine the usefulness of Prima between continuing crop rotations such as maize for biomass and N fixation prior to reseeding maize for a new season.
Prima will also be useful as an annual legume ley crop in vineyards due to the late winter biomass and N fixing ability with early insect attraction.
  • Adapted to a wide range of soil types
  • Will tolerate mild water logging and mild salinity, pH 5.0-8.0
  • Suited to coastal country with an early production cycle
  • Growing cycle begins in July, flowers late September
  • High level of tolerance to insect damage including red legged earth mites
  • High hard seed count
Establishment and Management
  • Suitable to wide range of soils, tolerates mild salinity and water logging.
  • Suits areas with annual rainfall greater than 500 ml
  • Purchase certified, high quality seed that has been inoculated with appropriate rhizobia.
  • Sowing rate: 5 kg as a pure stand or 2 kg in a mix
  • Direct sowing or direct drilling with depth no deeper than 5 mm, best in autumn.
  • High level of hard seed needs hard summer grazing to soften seed for autumn germination.
  • Concentrate management in first year on successful establishment and build up your seed bank for years to come.


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